The plant has fleshy leaves in form of spear growing directly from Earth, the edges in the form of saw tooth. In the middle is a strain which end in flowers yellow-red cylindrical shape.
Cultivated Plant height is 75 - 120 cm, is 12-15 late leaves, meat, weight of leaves was between 700 - 1500 grams. Leaf size depends on the quality of soil and climatic conditions. The plant reaches maturity after 3-4 years, only then can begin the harvest.
Aloe Vera plant grows naturally in Africa, north, east and south in countries around the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, in India, China and the Indian Ocean islands. It is cultivated in the islands in the Caribbean Sea, in countries like the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Jamaica, Puerto-Rico. Large plantations are found in Texas, California, Arizona and Mexico. Generally not plant grows in areas where the temperature falls much below zero degrees while.

The Forever Living Products Company growns Aloe Vera on several plantations on the islands of Barbados, the Dominican islands and plantations in Texas - Rio Grande Valley. Aloe plants are planted in rows at a distance of 60 -70 cm from each other, the system imposed by the cultivation of agricultural mechanization. Leaves harvested only by hand, emerges as the so-called "line of gel and thus all of the gel remains in the leaves, preventing the oxidation process. Harvested leaves outside, 3-5 leaves on each plant mature at 5-8 weeks.

A miracle that lasts only two hours
Aloe Vera contains an exceptionally rich complex of substances, but for once we can say that the two most important are:
- Aloine located just below the leaf skin, a milky yellow liquid with bitter taste, used for centuries as a laxative (used in powder form)
- aloe gel, a liquid located inside the sticky leaves.
The main disadvantage was that the use of aloe is not as widespread as it is effective in treating so many diseases, was pronounced instability of gel extracted from leaves. After cutting the leaves, the juice obtained by the Do not unscrew it oxidizes very quickly (if it is not processed within two hours), pierzându and curative qualities of drastically (about 95% of the active principles are attacked and oxidised by microorganisms).
This has made the use of aloe to be limited only to areas where the plant grows naturally.
However, the traditions of different people mention the great healer of the aloe plant and provides empirical methods of conservation of active principles contained in the plant. Of these mention Romanian folk medicine to cure a naturalist knows of aloe (variant which grows in temperate region) macerated in honey and wine, recipe used successfully in many digestive diseases and revitalize the various reconvalescent.

From only 2 hours... to four years!
The Gel inside the leaf is the most active and efficient in terms of medical plants, but despite its effects so spectacular, but this nature could be used only by those who had access to fresh aloe because no one knew the effective method of conservation for a period of time.
After several large research institutes in the world was like stopping oxidation process (and consequently the preservation of active principles from plants) can be done by adding some natural antioxidants, such as natural vitamins A, C and E. The Aloe vera gel is thus stable and last a long period of time after harvesting the leaf, keeping intact all and therapeutic qualities.
Understood the importance of treatment of aloe gel, the scientists of our century have followed in recent decades achieving stabilization of the Aloe Vera gel, so that it can be used widely by many people as possible.
Research method used to obtain the stabilization of the Aloe vera gel were successful years in the late 1940 - early 1950 and, in consequence, it has become since then a good consumer.
Until 1968 they were patented several methods of stabilization. The Aloe Vera of America Company has made two patents on the stabilization of aloe gel only by strictly natural methods without chemical additives or preservatives synthesis. This company was incorporated by Forever Living Products, which has subsequently patented two methods of stabilization. These methods are the basis to obtain a stabilized gel purified and 100%, with the guarantee that has increased from 2 hours to four years!