Forever Living Products has taken advantage of the latest breakthroughs in hair care technology, combining them with its own renowned expertise, to bring an Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse that is pH-balanced to care gently and effectively for your hair. This is an aloe based product designed for use after our Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo. Once again the synergistic combination of aloe and jojoba is brought together, to condition the hair and give it a feeling of freshness and a look of silky elegance.
Avocado Face & Body Soap Natural beauty starts with clean, healthy skin. And clean, healthy skin starts with nature. For 30 years, Forever Living Products has been a leader in finding and perfecting natural sources for softer, smoother, beautiful skin. And we’ve just perfected another – avocado. Made with 100% pure avocado butter, Avocado Face & Body Soap loves your skin, moisturizing as it cleans with the natural, rejuvenating properties of this powerful fruit. Avocado offers relief for almost every skin type, gently cleansing oily skin with no irritation to keep pores clear and healthy. For dry, sensitive skin, it soothes quickly and penetrates to nourish and moisturize. And because it’s a moisturizer and a cleanser, Avocado Face and Body Soap continues working after you bathe. The fresh citrus scent is a gentle reminder that it’s helping to keep your skin soft, supple and healthy all day long.
Designed to keep the hair and scalp clean and healthy-looking, Forever Living Products Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo renders the hair shiny and manageable. It assists in the removal of flakes due to dandruff and an itchy scalp and helps to re-establish moisture balance, which imparts strength and body to the hair. Combined with these two natural ingredients are moisturisers and conditioning agents which provide a mild product, capable of cleaning even the oiliest hair.
25th Edition for Men is a fluid, aromatic fougere fragrance with a sensuous masculine blend of fruity, herbaceous and woody notes that are forever fresh and forever lasting. The topnote blends aromatic notes of crushed basil and Mediterranean lavender with a refreshing combination of iced pineapple and Calabrian bergamot. The slightly fruity aromatic impression continues into the heart, where geranium and tea leaves are accented by Granny Smith apple. The fragrance evolves to reveal a masculine base of oakmoss, Mysore sandalwood, sensual musks, Virginian cedarwood, and tonka bean.
25th Edition for Women is a fresh, white floral bouquet that blends sheer petals with warm, musky woods to create a soft and deep feminine character. This unique bouquet begins with captivating floral notes of cactus flower and sparkling yellow freesia threaded with ivy leaves, for a lush green accent. In the heart, a transparent white floralcy shines through with a bouquet of rose petals, star jasmin, white lily and magnolia.