Facial Contour Mask Powder is a unique combination of rich ingredients, chosen for their special properties to condition the skin and cleanse the pores. It is designed to blend perfectly with our Aloe Activator, to create a thin lotion for easy application to the face and neck. The albumen and malto-dextrin provide drawing and tightening properties while the kaolin absorbs excess oils. Allantoin, comfrey and chamomile condition and renew the skin cells, accelerating new cell growth.
Recovering Night Creme with its moisturisers gives life to the look and feel of your skin. It is designed for night use to condition the skin while the body rests, helping to restore skin that is youthful in its appearence, pliable, smooth and taut. It is a superior velvety cream that restores fullness to even the finest wrinkle lines, keeping the skin soft, while maintaining elasticity and moisture.
Aloe Activator is Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel with allantoin, an organic cell growth and renewal agent. It also contains methylparaben, to preserve freshness and protect against microbial contamination. Aloe Activator is a superb moisturising agent, containing enzymes, amino acids and polysaccharides. It makes the ideal liquid partner to work synergistically with our Facial Contour Mask Powder to achieve moisturisation, cleansing and controlled conditioning. Old dead skins cells are removed by the mask and young new cells give a fresh vibrant and more luminous look to the skin. Its pH balance is 4.5, making it gentle enough for the most sensitive areas, such as near the eyes.
For those times when your skin needs extra exfoliation but not the irritation associated with other harsh exfoliators on the market today. Gentle enough to be used weekly, this deep-cleansing exfoliator with Aloe and natural Jojoba beads is the perfect answer, to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.
Aloe Balancing Creme contains Aloe plus revitalising extracts and advanced moisturisers, so rich in texture, your skin will feel hydrated like never before. Use morning and evening after Aloe Nourishing Serum to maintain proper moisture balance and for skin to appear softer and smoother.